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Kipe's Alumni


Alan Kipe

Alan, with the help of his wife Mary and Daughter Cheryl, started Alan Kipe and Daughters Upholstery in 1978. Even after his retirement, he continued to help out around the shop and continued to share his talents (and dad jokes!) with the girls until his passing in 2013.


Hi! My name is Linda

The Kipe family adopted me when I came to work for them in the early 90's. I worked at Kipe's Upholstery for more than 20 years!


I'm Carleta

I joined Kipe's after working at Beachley Furniture for 26 years as a seamstress. I worked for Kipe's for more than 10 years before I retired.


And this is Lily

Alan’s napping partner and the original Kipe’s Upholstery People Greeter!
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